Distraction and Dissonance: A model of the persuasive process


The following research would not have been possible with out the aid and suggestions of Dr. A. Pryor, Dr. C. Dziuban, Dr. P. Taylor, Dr. W. Brown, and Dr. L. Tanzi of Florida Technological University. I extend my thanks to them for their persistent criticisms. The support of my wife, Sherry, and my two year old research assistant, Devin, are also appreciated. Both showed a patience which was as gratifying as it was, especially in the latter case, unexpected. My most important debt, however, is to the researchers who did the work from which I formed the theory of persuasion. Without their work there would have been no theory, no experiment, and no thesis.

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Foulger, Davis A. (2005). Acknowledgement. From the Hypermedia Edition of Foulger, Davis A. (1977). Distraction and Dissonance: A model of the persuasive process. Master's Thesis. University of Central Florida. Retrieved from http://foulger.info/davis/mastersThesis/chapter3.htm.