Davis Foulger

Former Adjunct Professor
Montclair State University

Department of Communication

Dr. Foulger develops and studies computer-mediated human communication systems. He currently teaches on a adjunct basis at Brooklyn College and is the principal of Evolutionary Media, a consultancy focused on helping organizations create effective media use profiles for their various stakeholders. He is a past co-chair of the Human Communication Technology Division of the National Communication Association, past-chair of the Communication and Technology Interest Group in ECA , and recipient of the best paper award at the 2006 meeting of the Media Ecology Association. His research program focuses on the invention and evolution of communications media (especially computer-mediated communication systems) and the effects of our media choices on relationships, organizations, and communities. The primary focus of that research program, at present, is completion of the book Characteristics of Media: the message beneath. Most of his recent papers are related to that effort and are available online. Other books are planned. He enjoys reading, bicycling, building web sites, writing, and music (both singing tenor and playing the viola).

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