As I update this in March, 1012, I have three children and two grandchildren.

My mom currently live in Maine. She is a retired library cataloger who worked for years at the Hofstra University Library in Hempstead, NY. She remains an avid reader, enjoys making quilts, and occasionally draws or paints. One of her recent pictures was auctioned off at a charity fund raiser for a camp and conference center that my family has supported for decades.

My dad (deceased in 2006) spent most of his working life at Pan Am, where he played a small but important background role in a number of developments in the airline industry. Its a minor thing, perhaps, but he balanced the plane that made the first commercial non-stop flight across the Atlantic and is pictured, along with the rest of the crew, in a picture I have seen displayed at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington, DC. He also designed and deployed a number of airline industry first of a kind software systems, including the first end to end cargo tracking and routing system used in the airline industry, an early automated voice response cargo status telephone system, and custom's software for several countries, including Great Britain and the United States.

Both of my parents are deeply religious and committed to helping others. Each has raised millions of dollars for worthy charitable projects including the development of church camps and flood relief..

I have two sisters and five nieces and nephews. My sister Sarah is a minister in Booth Bay Harbour, ME. She is the author of two books, Yards of Purple, a collection of short stories, and No Revenge So Complete, a novel. Her husband, Russ, designs boats for Bath Iron Works, one of our nations two major military shipyards. Her son Noah, now married, is a resident at Philadelphia Children's Hospital. Her son Chris, who married last sommer, is a full time teacher in Maine.

My sister Alice is an art teacher in Monroe, CT. Her husband, Lew, is an executive at a major reinsurance company. Her oldest, Ben, is working his way through graduate school. Her daughter, Samantha, administers trials of experimental treatments for cancer at Sloan-Kettering. A few years ago she coached a cheerleading team which competed at the nationals at DisneyWorld. Alice's youngest, Jack, is a finishing high school and looking forward to college..

I live with my partner/significant other, Joan Dyer, in New York City. Joan is a retired computer programmer and former college math professor. She loves music, plays the piano and cello, volunteers regularly at the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, and periodically publishes knitting patterns.