Human Communication and Technology Division Paper Session:

Internet and Society: Applied Criticisms, Comments, and Concerns

Common Ground

Mihaela V Nocasian (Florida State) Constituting Civic Engagement in Cyberspace: Curierul de Seara as an Illustration of a Romanian Virtual Community

Gwendolyn H. Costa and I Ling Hsieh (U of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana) A Transtheoretical and Social Marketing Approach to Internet-based Health Campaigns

Kyra Perry Rothenberg (Kent State) The Communication Information-Seeking Model: Internet Use Within the Health Context

Junghyun Kim (Michigan State) Does Better Technology Ensure More Interpersonal Interaction?: Opportunistic Face-to-face Communication with Mobile Ad Hoc Network Device

Julian Kilker and Loril Gossett (U of Nevada, Las Vegas) Revisiting Bentham: Counter-panopticism in the age of the Internet